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Ollie was our first pig. He was a tiny baby when we rescued him in March 2014, still drinking milk. Skye had never been around pigs before and the thought of getting a pig had never even crossed her mind. Someone she went to high school with contacted her on Facebook and asked if she would take him. The original owner had bought him at a flea market on a whim, but her family disapproved. She offered to drive him from Panama City the next day and Skye just couldn’t say no to this tiny precious baby. Ollie was very young, even smaller than our dwarf bunnies, and should have still been with his mother. Research started immediately about proper care, and she discovered that baby pigs need to pan feed instead of bottle fed, which led her down the rabbit hole of learning many more facts including, but not limited to: him needing other pig friends when he was older and that there is an epidemic of mini pigs or, more accurately, potbelly pigs in desperate need of homes because breeders sell them as “teacup pigs” and lie to buyers (there is no such thing as a teacup pig). She also learned that pigs are really smart, amazing and unique animals. After a few months, she kept her eyes open for another pig in need of a home to be Ollie’s friend and the rest is history. 


Ollie is now over 5 years old and full-grown (pigs grow until they're 5). He happens to be one of our smaller pigs but his personality is big. He is very friendly, sweet, and well behaved. He takes food from your hand gently and likes belly rubs. He is trustworthy and kind. He may not be our biggest or smallest or oldest or youngest here at the sanctuary, but he’s our first, and he is the reason we came to love pigs and want to make a difference in their lives. 

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