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Bodacious Bodhi Blue

(aka Bean & Wiggle Butt 

Meet Bodhi Blue.

Bodhi was just a little pup when he arrived at the sanctuary on March 2nd 2019. 

We found him and his brother on the side of road when we were on our way to town. Upon pulling over, Bodhi immediately ran up to us and practically jumped into Summer’s arms, while his brother ran into a driveway drain pipe and was too scared to come out. It took some time, but we successfully bribed him out with some food and took them both home to the sanctuary where they started warming up immediately. Although we don’t know for certain, they were most likely abandoned by their “owner” who didn’t want them. We posted found dog ads on local social media groups but were not contacted by anyone looking for them. We found a wonderful forever home for Bodhi’s brother, named Shadow, in a nearby town. But Bodhi remained here with us. Bodhi had instantly bonded with Summer, a bond so strong that we couldn't think of separating them. I've never encountered a bond like theirs before, he loves her more than life. Summer is her 'person'. Bodhi is full of energy and can't sit still unless he's asleep, he's always wiggling. He loves food and playing and Summer and he dislikes when Summer leaves him. 

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