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Loki was orphaned at birth from a nearby farm and a close family member adopted him. He grew up at their house with their family dogs, and blended right in with the pack. In fact, when Loki was really young we’re pretty sure he thought he was a dog. Eventually, he became a bit too much to handle on their small property and they rehomed him here to Flying Pig. Although he had just been weaned from the bottle when he first arrived, Summer put him back on it so that she could get him bonded with her. Loki is the smallest of the goats, yet always tries to play head-butt with them. He is what’s called naturally polled, which means he just didn’t grow horns. Along with Lukis, he is always looking for a nibble of whatever you are eating, getting into whatever you have and even rearing up onto you to get a closer sniff. 

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