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Luda was one of the first emergency rescues Skye undertook. In 2016, years before FPAS was formally established,  Skye received word of a baby piglet left behind at an abandoned home when the former residents were evicted. Skye and Summer dropped everything to run to his rescue, an act not uncommon if you're an animal rescuer. When they arrived, Luda was standing alone beside the house, very close to the road. Luckily he was friendly and let them pick him right up, put him in the car, and bring him home.


Once home, Luda immediately bonded with young Dasher where they spent a lot of time inside being snuggle buddies before being introduced into the main herd. Luda hasn’t lost his confidence over the years. Today he is top pig in the main herd (also known as Dasher’s herd). He has an attitude when challenged by another pig and is one of the only pigs who gets his tusks regularly trimmed. 


Despite his “Top Pig” attitude he LOVES people. Luda craves belly rubs more than any other pig on the farm and will come right up to you and flop down for a belly rub without even being prompted. Luda is sweet and affectionate, and reminds us that it is ludacris to not be vegan!

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