Luda was discovered by some police officers, abandoned at a house after its tenants had been evicted when he was a baby piglet. We were informed of the situation by a friend and when animal control could not come to get him, we were given permission to go to the residence and pick him up. We (Summer and Skye) went straight to his rescue, skipping a dance class because his safety was our priority. When we arrived, he was standing alone beside the house, very close to the road. He was so friendly and interested, he let us pick him right up and put him in the car to bring him home.

Once Luda got vaccinated and neutered, he became Dasher’s BFF--even sleeping together inside. Luda loves belly rubs more than any other pig on the farm and will even come up to you and flop down for a belly rub without even being prompted. Luda is sweet and affectionate, and reminds us that it is ludacris to not be vegan!