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Lukis was the first resident goat at Flying Pig Animal Sanctuary. He arrived in March 2014 as a baby from a hobby farm in Crawfordville, along with his brother from another mother, Pan who unfortunately passed away a few years later. On the way home from picking them up, Summer got sick in the car and passed him to our friend to hold. He then proceeded to pee and poop in her lap which was quite hilarious. We continued to bottle feed him for a few months until he was old enough to graze and eat plenty of hay. He can now be seen out in the field grazing or hanging out in the goat barn with his friends. 

Lukis was dehorned prior to arriving at Flying Pig. Unfortunately, his horn buds continue to grow scurs which break off and bleed when he plays with the other goats. It breaks our hearts to see the lasting impact of dehorning, and Lukis acts as a reminder of how cruel and unnecessary this procedure is.

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