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Freya and her kittens, Storm and Mocha

If you’ve read the story of resident Diva the Deaf Pig, you’ll know that she was abandoned by her previous caretaker and was not receiving any care. When we went to pick her up, we were also presented with a momma cat and her 6 baby kittens who were living in a plastic container. We of course took them all back to the sanctuary with us and were able to rehome 4 of the kittens, but kept mama Freya and 2 of her girls, Storm and Mocha. While Freya is all white, Storm's color is what is called dilute tortoiseshell, which gives her gray and tan fur the resemblance of storm clouds, and Mocha's color is called tortoiseshell due to the irregular pattern of black and brown resembling the colors found on actual tortoise's shells.


Freya hangs out almost exclusively down at the barn to avoid the drama our other cats can cause, but loves our company and affection when we are down there frequently working on projects. Storm and Mocha were living down there with Freya until Mocha mysteriously showed up one day with a broken foot. She was moved into the house for confinement during recovery, but Storm seemed to miss her sister and moved into the house shortly after Mocha. They have both adapted themselves well to indoor life and can frequently be found strolling the hallway or curled into a blanket somewhere.

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