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Diamond Diva

In June 2018 we got a call about a tiny piglet in need of immediate rescue about an hour away. Diva was 8 weeks old and had been abandoned in a bathtub for approximately a day or so and when found was dehydrated and slightly lethargic. Upon being found she had been fed, watered and bathed and had perked up and was acting like a normal 8 week old piglet when we arrived. She was extremely friendly and social and absolutely perfect. Once there we were told there was also a mama cat and her 7 one week old kittens with their eyes still shut that had also been abandoned in the house and needed care. Of course we ended up taking them too. It wasn’t too long before we realized Diva was Deaf but that certainly doesn’t slow her down any and actually makes her pretty fearless since noise doesn’t effect her. Diva certainly lives up to her name and is full of attitude and spunk. She is bossy and a diva in every sense of the word. She loves to snuggle but doesn’t want her snuggle partner to move at all and she will definitely let you know. She’s very loud, possibly because she can’t hear herself and she enjoys voicing her opinion. She is not a fan of other pigs and after many attempts to find a compatible friend for her, she now has the back porch pen all to herself, comes in the house regularly and often can be found snuggling with Skye. She is harness trained and has gone lots of places including to festivals, camping, to the beach and even to volunteer at a Vegan Outreach booth at FSU.

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