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Mr. Peabody

He’s short, he’s round and he’s absolutely adorable! Mr. Peabody was rescued right after Penelope in late 2014. He was an owner surrender due to them not having fencing nor the knowledge to properly care for a pig. He was extremely overweight and had to be taught to eat a healthy diet of veggies and pig pellets since he had been fed junk food and leftovers prior and has been resisting his diet since day one. Complicating issues, Mr. Peabody has short stubby legs and is toed out. His bad confirmation is most likely a result of inbreeding which is common in potbellied pigs. Skye continues to work with him on his diet and he eats separately from his herd so his portions can be controlled. 


While we don't know his exact age, he was a mature adult when rescued so he is one of our oldest pigs at 9+ years old. So due to the combination of being elderly and unusually short, Mr. Peabody lives in the sanctuary’s handicap herd. He is an absolute gentleman and a great example of the gentle loving nature of most pigs. If you come out to one of our event days you’re likely to meet him and share a few belly rubs! 

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