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(aka Mari, Mariposy, Maripeepee)

Meet Mariposa our attack Min Pin. Mari turned 9 this year and we’ve had her since she was a tiny puppy, long before we became a sanctuary. But she’s a huge part of our life and family. Summer, our resident human teenager got Mariposa in her Easter basket when she was just 4 years old (disclaimer: we don’t recommend pets as presents but the Easter bunny got permission from me). We call Mariposa our old lady because she’s missing a few teeth and is getting gray around the face, but 9 isn’t too old for a min pin. She should have a good 5 years left if we’re lucky. She may only be 10lbs but her personality is huge. In other words, she has little dog syndrome. If you visit the sanctuary, and she happens to be outside, I’m sure you’ll hear her yapping or growling at either you or one of the other animals. She’s got lots of attitude and is the only animal on the entire farm that’s not scared of Papaya the parrot. In fact, they cannot be in the same room without someone in between them because they want to fight each other. They will literally talk crap to each other from across the house. 😳 Besides trying to fight with Papaya, Mariposa loves food, snuggling and digging in the yard. She used to love running away any chance she got, she would sneak between someone’s legs or find a way to escape her fenced dog yard and haul butt across the field and slip under the tiny gap beneath the main gate. That was extremely stressful for many years because a car probably wouldn’t even see her tiny butt. Luckily for us and her she never got hurt or stolen (not that she would have let a stranger pick her up). And thankfully, she has now outgrown the desire to play in the streets and run a muck in the neighborhood. Now she can hang out outside with us and she doesn’t stray from the big field and even comes when we call her (watch me jinx myself). Nine years old and she’s finally decided to be a good dog...well somewhat. She still acts like she runs the house and can do whatever she wants. 😆 Her dislikes are all the other animals, when someone eats food in front of her without sharing and when she gets trapped in a blanket she’s burrowed in and can’t find her way out. Her qualities are snuggling; she’s literally the best snuggle bug in the whole world, cleaning crumbs off the floor and being cute in her many adorable outfits.  Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish and she does fluttery around the house. She’s our little feisty butterfly.

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