Cheech was sadly the byproduct of a couple’s divorce. He was originally bought from a breeder in South Florida as a pet for a young boy, but when his parents separated and the son and mom moved away, Cheech was left in the care of the dad who had never bonded with him. By that time, Cheech was two years old and had not been neutered, leading him to become aggressive towards the dad. In addition, the dad was going to be moving and couldn’t take Cheech with him. So, he contacted my vets office looking for someone to take him in, and they recommended him to us.

When he arrived at the sanctuary, he immediately became top pig, with all the other residents bowing down to him and letting him rule the pen. He has even challenged me a few times, which is the reason I bought my first sorting board. Despite his feisty tendencies however, he has always loved and been respectful towards the kids (particularly Summer, who is his person), which makes it clear that being raised by a child had an impact on him. 

Cheech is one of our largest potbellies, and is also our only silver colored pig. He sits on command, is very photogenic, and is one of our most verbal pigs. Cheech came with his name and we are still waiting to find another pig with the right personality to be his Chong!