Fudge & Cupcake

Cupcake and Fudge were likely dropped off or turned loose by people who didn't want them anymore, or perhaps they escaped from where they were living--we'll never know for sure.  What we do know is that they wandered into Serena (one of our regular volunteers)’s yard shortly after hurricane Michael in early November, 2018. She and her siblings lured them into the safety of a predator-proof pen that they had previously built for their rabbits, and proceeded to try and find out if the piggies were lost pets. After searching online and putting up posters, they found nothing about missing potbelly pigs and so Cupcake and Fudge stayed in the care of Serena.

Several months later, Serena began looking to rehome Fudge and Cupcake because she was worried she couldn’t provide them with the best home possible.  Fortunately, she was introduced to Flying Pig Animal Sanctuary and we were able to take them in, with Serena acting as a lifetime sponsor. They currently live at the sanctuary, but Serena plays an active role in their care.

Cupcake is very sweet, while Fudge is grumpy and wants to be the boss of anyone and everyone.  Both love to scratch their heads on shovels while we do chores, and like destroying crumbling logs with their snouts. They even carry sticks into their bed to make a little nest to sleep in. Bananas, apples, and unsalted popcorn are some of their favourite treats!