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If you’ve come to visit the sanctuary you’ve probably had the honor of rubbing Cupcake’s belly! He is an absolute cuddle bug! In early November 2018, Cupcake and his brother, Fudge were found by Serena (now one of our most trusted volunteers) on the side of the road. Likely discarded like trash by humans who didn't want them anymore, or perhaps they escaped from where they were living--we'll never know for sure.  What we do know is that shortly after hurricane Michael they were very lucky to be at the right place at the right time to be rescued by Serena. She took them home and cared for them while trying to locate their owners but after some time it was apparent that nobody was looking for them. Then after meeting at Tallahassee VegFest in 2019 they came to FPAS where they could have more pig friends and a more pig-friendly environment. 


Cupcake walks with a limp due to a mysterious injury he had prior to coming to the sanctuary. Despite multiple vet visits and x-rays the exact cause of his limp is unknown but has been determined to now be arthritis as a result of the original injury. Cupcake gets multiple vitamins and supplements to help ease any arthritis pain he may have.  He lives a quiet life in our small handicap herd with Herby and Mr. Peabody.


Cupcake is super tolerant of human shenanigans. He is extra gentle with children, allows our volunteers to dress him up in festive costumes, and is even learning to walk on a harness! If you haven’t met Cupcake yet you’re really missing out!

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