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How do I begin? ...well hopefully somewhere between 150-300 characters. Skye is brave, compassionate, and strong as hell. By supporting her and her organization of killer community folks, you're supporting quite literally hundreds of lives - human and animal. She rescues anything and anyone who asks for her help including (but absolutely not limited to) goats, pigs (in every size and shape), fowl (also parrots!) cats, dogs, and the list continues. The fact that we have people like her and the community she has cultivated in our small part of the world is truly heroic.

Jorrdan / Volunteer

I visited this sanctuary twice, and every time I have a great experience. All the animals are very well cared for; Skye treats the animals with respect—the place and atmosphere was very inspiring to embrace the plant-based diet and treating animals as family.

Noah / Visitor

I discovered Flying Pig Sanctuary several years ago. The animals are so loved and well cared for. They are always looking for ways to improve the facilities and enrich the lives of each rescue. It is easy to see how much the owners and all the volunteers love Flying Pig Sanctuary. I highly recommend them to anyone who cares about farm animals and all animals in need.

Teresa / Volunteer

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